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heavy-signalling-equip.jpgBritain's Railways have depended on an ever improving safe system of Signalling to protect the safety of passengers and trains for more than 150 years. From the very first Railway Policeman known as   Bobbies to the  mechanical semaphore signalling we all remember. Some areas of Britain still have mechanical signalling although there all living on borrowed time.

In the early days signalling was very simple, following numerous accidents the Board of Trade insisted the railways quickly adopt the Absolute Block system  which prevents only one train at a time in the "Block   section". Prior to this trains were signalled under the "Time interval" system which caused many disasters. The Board of trade insisted that points and signals must be mechanically interlocked and fail safe. Railway safety continued to improve and the Rules and Regulations were amended accordingly.

British railway signals were impressive and some very elegant, our personal favorites are the G.W.R. and G.N.R. examples. At Junction Railwayana we stock signal fittings from some of the pre grouping companies as well as the big four. We can supply individual items through to complete ready assembled and restored signals. At Junction Railwayana we also have a small stock of colour light signals, electrical interlocking equipment and various other items. Our stock changes weekly so its not possible to add everything to this site so we recommend customers visit us and have a browse, you wont be disappointed!. We are always looking to buy redundant signalling equipment and can collect and pay promptly, please call us with your requirements. In this section we will offer all sorts of useful signal instruments parts and other related items.