Signal box items

20200930-124052.jpgAll signal boxes had a similarity regarding lever frames , block indicators and bells and all other paraphernalia needed for these operational structures which were so familiar along Britain's railways. And yet every signal box was unique and even more personalized by the signalman who worked them.

The heart of the box would have been the fireplace or stove which not only gave heating but also provided the signalman somewhere to cook his meals and numerous pots of tea for himself and all the other railway staff which visited, not to mention un-authorized visitors.   Probably next was the signalman's armchair which was made of all sorts of old cushions and cloths brought from their homes. Most collectors seek the blocks, bells, diagrams and lever plates but few collect all the other items. Junction Railwayana are able to supply all these other items and as an ex signalman myself I know what to look out for. We stock Romesse stoves, booking desks, cabinets, chairs, shelves, telephones, notices and publications including train registers. cast iron kettles, ink wells and oil lamps.